ADA Associates is a dedicated team of Financial Accountants in London. We specialise in small business accounts, book-keeping, tax affairs and payroll. An accounting firm committed to building strong relationships, providing quality advice and delivering an excellent service. As a client we assure to take care of you and you’re business. We have built a name for quick, integral and a prudent service.

All our clients take advantage from the following:

Preparing your accounts punctually, in accordance with an agreed timetable, provided you have supplied us with all of the documents & information we require.
We will work beside you to identify your nature and help you achieve your business goals.
We are proactive in responding to your emails and your telephone calls, to answer any queries you may have.
We provide a wide range of fee arrangements and payment plans, tailored to what is most suitable for you and your business.
You will be in contact with an excellent team and have the opportunity to be provided with a diverse range of services.
We understand that every business is inimitable and that every client has individual needs.


Account Preparations

Since we manage the everyday accounting and bookkeeping we ought to have all the data we require readily available. So finishing your Year End Accounts ought to be direct and cost you less. Once we…


Corporation Tax

Corporation Tax is an assessment on the taxable profits of limited companies and different associations including clubs, affiliations and other unincorporated bodies. There are sure confinements with what costs can be deducted against your business…



VAT is a perplexing region of the tax regime and there are various distinctive plans accessible that might be of advantage to your business. You are obliged to enroll for VAT if your products or…


Personal Tax Returns

The requirement for an tax return is frequently the primary trigger to look for an accountant. What’s more, actually we can produce individual and corporate tax returns as simple as breathing. In any case, our…

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